• Skate, Smoke, Rap - Cicatrixx
  • Stretch Of Imagination - Slay, Lyrically Inclined & Cicatrixx
  • Metaphoric Mind of Mine - Lyrically Inclined & Cicatrixx
  • Learn 2 Earn - Apoc, Cicatrixx & Adam Bongi
  • I Call This Freestyle - Cicatrixx
  • Marijuana Machine - Cicatrixx, Adam Bongi, Lyrically Inclined & RZO
  • Cancer In You - Lyrically Inclined & Cicatrixx
  • Moon Lander - Cicatrixx, Slay & Lyrically Inclined
  • Rob A Bank - Apoc & Cicatrixx
  • Burning (3 X Stutter) - Slay, Cicatrixx & Mar-Kay
  • Blaze Rydin - Blaze Ryders
  • Breakfast Time - Lyrically Inclined, Adam Bongi & Cicatrixx
  • Get It On (CPT) - Cicatrixx & Roze



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Regime Records is a small hip hop artist development company founded in Cape Town, South Africa. Under direction of song writer/rapper/producer, Cicatrixx, Regime Records’ current 9 artists are unique, authentic and genius at what they do, working on compositions created by a network of composers around the world, with the goal of giving a fresh universal twist to hip hop through introducing touches of R&B, Soul, Rock, Jazz, Dubstep, African dance and more, adorned with gripping and authentic lyrics. Our artists’ various social media pages currently surpass 60,000 supporters, and have received over 2.9 million song plays online. We make art. Revolutionary art.

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