Regime Records is an urban independent record label focused on conscious hip hop music with a twist. We recognize and respect the role of hip hop in the awakening of mankind and are proud to play our part. We live in an age where people attend hip hop events more than their churches and mosques, and rappers have become the modern day prophets. Our aim is to develop and market these prophets to the point where their messages become the soundtrack to your life.

Whereas much of hip hop divides us by urging us to aim for our own material fulfilment, we aim to create unity the way hip hop originally intended; before it was commercialized and aimed to unite people sharing the same struggle.

Our first major signing is Cicatrixx, a 25-year old hip hop artist that's originally from The Netherlands, but spent his childhood growing up across Asia and Africa. Described by one fan as ‘the conscious cocktail of Eminem, Immortal Technique and Cypress Hill', Cica is a true lyrical genius and his music blends genres and defies limits, ranging from underground boom-bap to mainstream trap. Both his music and his artwork, which he designs himself, strive to convey a carefully crafted message.

Cicatrixx's newest 20-track mixtape, titled 'DOAP: Dreams Of A Poet' was released in October 2015 and surpassed 30,000 SoundCloud plays in the first 2 weeks following its release. Featuring various well-known African artists and top producers from across the US and UK, the #DOAP mixtape is a masterpiece setting the standard for future Regime releases.

United, we have strength in numbers. United, we can conquer anything and anyone. United, we create our own Regime and change the world.

This is Regime Records - Our Rise Continues.


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